About Us

We are a passionate group of engineers deeply excited about the problem of comparing large amounts of multi-dimensional heterogeneous ML metadata - both visually and with code.

We are iterating to build the most beautiful and performant open-source experiment tracking tool in the world. Most of the iterations we make is highly community-driven.

We are thankful to the awesome Aim community for the constant feedback and the trust to build for them the most performant open-source experiment tracking tool.

Our mission is to democratize the AI Dev tools.

How it All Started

AimStack team

Gev Sogomonian
Co-author, previously has helped build AI-based customer-communication platform at Altocloud (acqu. by Genesys)
Gor Arakelyan
Co-author, previously AI researcher at YerevaNN
Albert Torosyan
Primary maintainer -(focused on Aim SDK and backend). Previously worked at Siemens on chip design tools and helped build larg-scale data infrastructure at Aarki (acqu. by Skillz)
Karen Hambardzumyan
Primary maintainer (focused on storage and backend). AI researcher working with YerevaNN, FAIR
Ruben Karapetyan
Primary maintainer  (focused on UI), previously built web-based video editor at Bynder
Kristina Hovsepyan
Product designer. Previously helped build product at PicsArt and worked on design of web-based games
Arsen Alkamyan
Core contributor - UI. Previously worked on web-based games
Karo Mouradyan
Core contributor - UI. Previously helped AI teams build web-based interfaces for AI applications
Mihran Vanyan
Core contributor - backend. Previously Senior Backend engineer at Teamable (acqu. by TalkDesk)
Ruben Aprikyan
Core contributor - previously worked on web-based games
Vardges Hovhannisyan
Core contributor - UI. Previously worked on web-based games