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Supercharged UI for PyTorch Ignite

Run beautiful UI on top of your PyTorch Ignite logs and get powerful run comparison features.
Aim UI interface
Easy to useopen source
Just add the following to your PyTorch Ignite
training config file

@loggers = "spacy.AimLogger.v1"
repo = "path/to/your/save/directory"
experiment_name = "name_of_your_experiment"
Compare runs easily
to build models faster
7 major features to speed up your work


Powerful pythonic search to select the runs you want to analyze.

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Group metrics by hyperparameters to analyze hyperparameters’ influence on run performance.

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Select multiple metrics and analyze them side by side.

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Aggregate metrics by, std.err, conf.interval.

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Align x axis by any other metric.

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Scatter plots to learn correlations and trends.

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High dimensional data visualization via parallel coordinate plot.

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Extend tracking via Aim’s SDK
Track and visualize images, audios, text, plotly and matplotib figures
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