Track and visualize logs effortlessly
  • Easily log and compare params/metrics
  • Compare multiple runs’ NER/dep-trees on the same dashboard
  • Bult-in support for displaCy visualizations
Check out the  aim-spaCy code  and demo
Easy to useopen source
Just add the following to your spaCy training config file

@loggers = "spacy.AimLogger.v1"
repo = "path/to/your/save/directory"
experiment_name = "name_of_your_experiment"

When, where and how

Use aim-spaCy to detect when, where and how your models have done well or failed. In a couple of clicks!
8 major features to speed up your work


Powerful pythonic search to select the runs for analysis and comparison.

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Automatically track displaCy visualizations and compare them at scale.

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Group images by hyperparameters to visualize them in the needed order

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Group images by step or epoch to see the evolution

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Group metrics by hyperparameters to analyze hyperparameters’ influence on run performance

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Select multiple metrics and analyze them side by side

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Aggregate metrics by, std.err, conf.interval, to observe average, min and max values of metrics you track

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Deep dive into details of each run for easy debugging

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We are building more spaCy features.
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