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A super-easy way to record, search and compare AI experiments

Aim will help you easily handle 100s of experiments.

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What is Aim

Aim is an experiment logger packed with superpowers.

Especially for researchers who run lots of experiments:

  • Only two functions to integrate
  • Search and load 100s of experiment metrics on Explore
  • Group and aggregate metrics by any param
  • Split metric dashboards by any param
  • High level comparison on Parallel Coordinates Dashboard
  • Holistic experiments dashboard

And we keep adding more!

pip install aim
import aim

  # Save inputs, hparams or any other 'key: value' pairs
  aim.set_params(hyperparam_dict, name='hparams')
  # Passing name argument is optional

  for step in range(10):
    # Log metrics to visualize performance
    aim.track(metric_value, name='metric_name', epoch=epoch_number)
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