Jan 5, 2023

Aim 2022 community report

Author:Gev Soghomonian
Aim 2022 community report

Hey lovely Aimers, Happy New Year! 🎆

Now that the 2022 is over, we are excited to share what has happened in 2022. We have achieved a lot together!

TLDR — Highlights

In 2022 we have taken Aim to completely different level. It has become from a cool open-source project into a full-blown product. An inspiring community-led effort!!

  • We have shipped 12 new Aim versions and countless other patches
  • Almost every week for the past 80+ weeks a new Aim version has been shipped — a blistering pace of innovation!! 😅
  • Aim contributors have doubled to 48 in 2022
  • ~1300 GitHub issues have been created in 2022 and over 1100 of them have been resolved.
  • We have reached 3K stars on GitHub. ⭐️ (If you like our work, drop us a star! )
  • We launched our community on discord.


We have shipped 100s of major features in 2022. It would take several chapters to talk about all of them.

However, here are two fundamental features that we haven’t talked much about yet.

Base Explorer

  • A foundational work to help compare any type of renderable ML metadata at mass.
  • This is the first experimental step we have made to turn Aim into a one-stop-shop for multidimensional metadata analysis.

The Figures explorer runs on Base Explorer

blog image

Aim Callbacks

A surgical intervention into your ML runs. For everything!!

  • Aim Users are using the callbacks to create policies to automatically manage trainings. A major step towards reproducibility and true training management. Hours of GPU-time saved at the worst case scenario!!

We are going to talk a lot about the callbacks too! 🙌

More about callbacks here

Aim Roadmap

Here is how the public Aim roadmap looks like now. This is just the subset of the additions made. A monumental work!

blog image


Aim is heavily integrated with the AI ecosystem now.

  • in 2022 Aim ecosystem integrations have grown 3x
  • ~10 more integrations are also in progress right now ❤️

blog image

Onwards to 2023

In 2023 we are going to work hard to put Aim into the hands of as many researchers and MLOps engineers as possible!

Soon we will publish the Aim roadmap of 2023! Lots to share. :)

2023 here we come! 😊