Oct 13, 2023

Aim 4.0 moved to a new repo AimOS. Here is why?

Author:Gev Sogomonian
Aim 4.0 moved to a new repo AimOS. Here is why?

We have moved the Aim 4.0 to a new repo AimOS and reinstated Aim to its previous version.

Right now you can access the original Aim Experiment Tracker as is through the Aim repo. You can also access the Aim 4.0 as AimOS - an end-to-end modular observability tool for AI systems.

Why the move?

The AimOS mission is to enable a modular end-to-end observability for the AI Systems.

In the first week of the release and user feedback, we admit that Aim 4.0 and Aim 3.0 are two different products and that the users want both. So we oblige.

The Aim 3.0 is used by many teams and we are sorry for the disruption.

Going forward we are going to maintain both projects.

Aim 3.0 roadmap has also been updated. Stay tuned for that.

Learn more

AimOS is on a mission to democratize AI Systems logging tools. 🙌

Try out AimOS, join the Aim community, share your feedback, open issues for new features, bugs.

Don’t forget to leave us a star on GitHub if you think AimOS is useful, and here is the link to Aim, an easy-to-use & supercharged open-source experiment tracker.⭐️