Jun 17, 2024

Aim 3.21 - Python 3.12 Support, Ability to delete whole experiment

Author:Tatyana Manaseryan
Aim 3.21 - Python 3.12 Support, Ability to delete whole experiment

Hey community, Aim 3.21 is shipped!

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We are on a mission to democratize AI dev tools and are incredibly lucky to have the support of the community. Every question and every issue makes Aim better!

Congratulations and thanks to mauricekraus, jasonmadssynapticarbors and SandersAaronD for their contributions. 🙌

Key highlights:

  • Python 3.12 support
  • Ability to delete whole experiment
  • Improvements in large objects remote tracking
  • Improvements in running UI on Jupyter Notebook

Python 3.12 support

With Aim 3.21, you can install and use Aim in your Python 3.12 projects. 🎉

Thanks to mahnerak for adding Python 3.12 builds!

Ability to delete whole experiment

You can now delete entire experiments without manually selecting and deleting individual runs. This resolves the issue of empty experiments remaining after all runs are deleted, providing a more streamlined workflow.

Delete all runs of an experiment:

blog image

The delete functionality is currently available only on the experiment settings tab, ensuring consistency with the existing run detail deletion process. Shoutout to mauricekraus for adding this much needed feature! 🚀

Improvements in Large Objects Remote Tracking

Previously, large validation images would sometimes encounter 1009 (message too big) errors during the upload.

Thanks to jasonmads, this issue has been resolved by increasing the websockets max_size for large images sent to the server.

Improvements in Running Aim UI on Jupyter Notebook

Thanks to synapticarbors help, Aim UI doesn’t have any more issues with rendering on Jupyter Notebook.

GitHub Release Notes: https://github.com/aimhubio/aim/releases/tag/v3.21.0

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Aim is on a mission to democratize AI dev tools.  🙌

We are incredibly grateful for the support and contributions from the amazing Aim community. It’s humbling and inspiring. ⭐

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